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Religious - Latter-Day Prophecies
coverWhat is the prophesied future destiny of the United States of America?coverThere is hope for the righteous as prophetic predictions about the last days are fulfilled.coverLearn what the prophets have said about the future for America, Palestine and the Millennium.
Religious - Old Testament
coverEarth’s creation story is no longer a mystery as perplexing questions are clearly answered here.coverNew scriptural insights about the first 2,000 years of human history, from Adam to Abraham.coverLearn of the ten turbulent centuries from the days of Father Abraham to the rise of King David.coverHear and learn of the distant roar of history during the ten savage centuries prior to the birth of Christ.
coverUnderstand the Old Testament like never before with this discounted four-book set.coverThis discounted three-book set clarifies the complexity of the Old Testament.coverIsaiah’s biography plus a verse-by-verse commentary on his inspired book.
Religious - New Testament
coverNew insights into the Savior’s early life and beginning of His ministry.coverMore insights into the last six months of the Savior’s ministry and His atoning sacrifice.coverThe death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as never told before.coverUnknown and exciting details about the first Christmas.
Religious - Book of Mormon
coverVerse-by-verse study of 1 Nephi chapter 1 to Jacob chapter 7coverVerse-by-verse study of Enos to Alma chapter 29coverVerse-by-verse study of Alma chapter 30 to 3 Nephi chapter 7coverVerse-by-verse study of 3 Nephi chapter 8 to Moroni chapter 10
Religious - D&C / Church History
coverFrom a humble farm boy, Joseph grew and developed into a prophet of God.coverJoseph Smith revealed new doctrines and rose above his many challenges here in mortality.coverFollow the footsteps of a prophet of God who begin his life as a humble farm boy in this two-volume set.coverThe centennial retelling of the Mormon trek across the American continent.
Religious - Religious Speeches
coverA collection of W. Cleon Skousen’s most popular and life-changing speeches.coverMore inspirational speeches from W. Cleon Skousen, with added references and notes.coverDealing with questions of faith which plague the minds of people today.
Political - U.S. History / Constitution
coverEnjoy an epic journey to Spring Canyon, Utah in this wonderful historical fiction.coverThe system of law revealed by God Himself will someday be established in Americacover28 principles from the Founders that give us a 5000-year leap in political philisophy.coverHow America became the most powerful nation through the 286 principles embodied in its inspired Constitution.
coverFind out the real truth about nuclear power and those that irrationally oppose it.
Political - Freedom Fight
coverThis national best-seller reveals the thinking behind the leaders of the world’s “evil empire.”coverThe financial and social forces behind the socialization of AmericacoverA David and Goliath experience in our own day, including “David’s” prophetic destiny.
Political - Constitutional Seminars
coverThe famous “Brown Binder” course on the U.S. Constitution.coverWhat has made America great and how we can make it even better.coverThe origin and birth of government for the first free people in modern times.coverThe six hinges which maintain America’s door to freedom are seriously damaged.
coverWhat we can and must do to restore Constitutional principles in America.
Political - Child Development
coverWhat to expect, year-by-year, as a boy grows from birth to manhood.
Political - Law Enforcement
coverWhy the G-men of the 1930s and 1940s were so effective in suppressing crime.cover“Support Your Local Police” is more than a trite slogan.
Political - Political Speeches
coverAmerica is a promised land and God expects us to keep it free.coverAmerica, where are you going? Our challenge to restore Constitutional principles.
Collection - Works
coverAll of the works of W. Cleon Skousen, Eric N. Skousen and Richard N. Skousen in one location.

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What new and unexpected revelations and doctrines were given to the Prophet Joseph?
What techniques of mass hysteria were used by the mob in engineering the Saints’ second explusion from Missouri? How was the label of “Mormon” used to bring this about?
What was miraculous about the rapid rise of the city of Nauvoo?
What amazing vision was shown to the Prophet Joseph about the exodus of the Saints to the Mountain West?
What events lead to the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum? Why was the martydom so unexpected to the Saints?
Is Joseph finished with his assigned tasks here in mortality?

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How did the Nephite leaders use the laws of God to eliminate crime and establish justice?
The Law of Moses — what was it and how did it work?
What do we know about origin and history of the Urim and Thummin?
Who was Melchizedek? What do we know about him?
What about the Jewish tradition that Melchizedek was Shem?

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