Faith and Modern Times

by W. Cleon Skousen

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Brother Skousen leads off with the question, “Are there prophets living today?” and discusses how we can learn about God. He covers many of the stumbling blocks to faith in our times.

He rips open the secret weapon of materialist thinking and shows how to successfully combat it.

The material contained in this book was originally presented in twenty-five Sunday evening radio broadcasts from the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. These broadcasts were presented over radio station KSL beginning July 6, 1952, and ending January 25, 1953 and originally published as The Challenge of Our Times.

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Have you wondered?

Did you know?

Did the Patriarchs really live for hundreds of years?
What about the incredible population growth in ancient times?
Why were pagan religions so attractive to ancient peoples?
How has the geography of the earth changed since ancient times?
What gives God His power over His cosmic realm?
How and why did the Father keep Himself aloof from Adam’s Fall?
Why was the Atonement necessary?

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What unique protection has the Lord promised the righteous in the latter days?
How will the righteous become “terrible” to the wicked?
Why must so many dreadful and turbulent events occur in the latter days? Why has the Lord warned us of these things in advance?
What are the destiny and fate of the wicked? When will the Lord’s wrath be unleashed upon them?
What organizations, laws, and covenants must be established prior to the Second Coming?
What must take place in order to redeem the Land of Zion?
How will the city of New Jerusalem be planned and built?
What does it really mean to live in the fullness of times? How will this eventually be fulfilled?
How can we best prepare ourselves for the Second Coming?

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