Brother Joseph: Seer of a New Dispensation, Volume One

by Richard N. Skousen and W. Cleon Skousen

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Born to a life of poverty and obscurity, Joseph Smith rose from humble beginnings to become a mighty prophet of God. But this did not happen in an instant. Through faithful diligence in the midst of intense persecution, he grew year after year in spiritual stature and strength as he inaugurated a “marvelous work and a wonder” which still continues to fill the world with light and truth.

Volume one of Brother Joseph: Seer of a New Dispensation begins the amazing story of the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Drawn from hundreds of authoritative sources, it delivers a fascinating and sweeping view of the first half of Joseph’s eventful and inspiring life.

Growing into manhood while suffering many trials and relentless persecution, Joseph was forged into a humble servant of God who led the people by example and whom the Saints admired and deeply loved.

As the Lord taught and strengthened Joseph, he imparted profound doctrines that enriched the lives of the Saints—teachings that caused them to ponder in sincere reflection. They treasured the opportunity to associate with their beloved Brother Joseph and to learn from him.

Written in a very readable style by using Joseph’s own recorded history and the observations of those knew him, this volume offers a clear and vivid portrait of the Prophet Joseph Smith. It illustrates the breadth and depth of the dynamic life of this exceptional servant of God. In this book is an inspiring and impressive biography of a singular man and prophet of God.

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