Holding On

by Richard N. Skousen

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Take a journey to Spring Canyon, Utah, a rural community full of friends and neighbors who love and help each other, even though they come from different cultural backgrounds and religions. Each day they face the prospect of losing a loved one to an unforeseen disaster, when a husband or son is mercilessly torn from a family. Yet they continue to struggle on, trying to improve their lives in spite of the hardships they face.

Nels Henningson confronts this battle every day, trying to hold on to his family in spite of the severe stomach ulcers that wrench him with pain. When conflict arises in his brother’s family, the stress on his already-fragile stomach nearly takes his life.

When two workers’ unions begin recruiting some of the people in the town, Nels is undecided as to which course he should pursue, especially since one of the unions appears to have ties to the communists. As a contentious spirit begins to divide friend against friend, the turmoil threatens to destroy their peaceful community.

How will the Henningson children be affected by this turmoil as their friends are removed from their lives? Will Clara Belle be able to rise above the depression and darkness that has engulfed her for so many years? Is Grant’s and Joseph’s “harmless” prank going to be discovered and put them in jail? Is Rose Marie’s secret life going to tear her from the family? And what will happen to sweet Hanna who hovers near death from an epidemic illness?

Through it all, the Henningsons and their friends will strive to find peace by Holding On to their faith and those things that matter the most.

Readers have said:

“From the opening page of Holding On I felt like I was traveling back in time and into the hearts and minds of the Henningson family. I especially enjoyed the depth and richness of the characters in the book. The dialogue is true-to-life, and I felt a true sense of what it was like to live in Spring Canyon. This is a part of Utah’s history that most people are probably not aware of. There has obviously been an incredible amount of research that went into a book like this, and the blending of history with an intriguing storyline made for a very satisfying read. Holding On is a beautifully written novel, and it stayed with me long after I put it down. I loved this book!”

“This novel deeply touched me. I was moved to tears several times when I saw the joy that the characters experienced, in spite of the struggles they were enduring. The storyline was very captivating—it was hard to stop reading—with vivid characters that seemed as real as someone you would meet in real life in Spring Canyon. I also enjoyed the many important life lessons that were woven into the story, helping me in various trials and struggles that I face in my own life. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to read it.”

“Lori Riddle captures well the flavor and spirit of the poignant struggles and joys of life in Spring Canyon. Her natural and effective dialogue brings her characters to life. This is a good read. I recommend it!”

Holding On is a compelling story of drama, tribulation, camaraderie and romance all rolled into one. I found myself literally absorbed into the Spring Canyon community as I connected with the characters and their difficult circumstances. This is truly a story you can curl up by the fire and enjoy!”

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