His Return—Prophecy, Destiny and Hope

by Richard N. Skousen

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The Lord has warned us that many traumatic and tumultuous events will take place in the latter days prior to the Second Coming. But we can find peace, hope and strength in the midst of these events.

Using the scriptures and modern prophetic revelations, Brother Skousen clearly explains some of the important events that will occur prior to the Savior’s Second Coming, such as: 1. The necessary organizations, laws and covenants which must be established before He comes again, 2. The redemption of the land of Zion and the planning and building of the New Jerusalem, 3. Important events that will take place in the Old World as well as the New World prior to His Return, and 4. The identity of some of those who will play a crucial role in these latter events.

Avoiding myths, legends and rumored prophecies, Brother Skousen uses the scriptures and the words of latter-day prophets to clearly explain the events that will occur prior to the Savior’s Second Coming. This book offers an impressive message of hope, and how we can prepare for His Return.

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