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What was the Founders political spectrum—was it “Left” or “Right”?
What is “people’s law” and what is “ruler’s law”?
What must the United States do to survive as a free nation?
Who is the most important person the United States must rely upon?
What is the proper role of government in the lives of its citizens?
Where does government receive its power?
Does the United States of America have a “manifest destiny” to bless the world?
How can prosperity for the citizens best be achieved?

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Did the Patriarchs really live for hundreds of years?
Why were pagan religions so attractive to ancient peoples?
Who rose to become prime minister of Egypt, and saved that nation from starvation and ruin through his prophetic gifts?
Which humble shepherd rose out of his own fear to become one of the greatest prophets and leaders ever known?
When did the first world empires first arise?
What effect did the nations of Assyria, Babylon, Greece and Rome have upon God’s chosen people?
How did the Jewish nation fall into captivity in the years prior to Christ’s birth?

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